Elco Wires and Cables uses 99.99% pure copper with highest level of electrical conductivity as per International Annealed Copper Standards (IACS). The conductors are fully annealed, well compacted circular or sector shaped. This ensures minimum loss throughout the length of the cable which saves huge electrical energy.


Safety from fire (Full Range FR cable)

fea1i1Elco Wires and Cables produces 100% product with Flame Retardant (FR) PVC compound which are suitable to bear fire. Our FR & FRLS cables has high oxygen index, Lower smoke and self-extinguishing property. These cables do not spread fire and allows trapped people to see and breathe safely for longer time in fire condition.

Safety from electrical shocks (Higher Insulation Resistance)

Elco Wires and Cables in-house produces special PVC compound which offers higher insulation resistance. Generally poor insulation is unsafe and a threat to life. Higher insulation resistance protects against electric shock and prevents short-circuit accident.

Higher Convection of Heat (Higher Thermal Stability)

Elco Wires and Cables in-house produces special PVC compound with higher convective heat dissipation capability which is capable to carry Higher current in overload conditions and ensures better electrical and mechanical performance at higher temperatures.

Environment Friendly (Lead Free)

Release of certain harmful substances like lead in the PVC is dangerous for environment as well as for human body. Elco Wires and Cables PVC compound is totally lead free and this ensures safety for human health and gives green environment.


ELCO WIRES AND CABLES plant consists of ultra-modern facilities, high-tech machinery, well-equipped laboratory and the whole manufacturing set up is sourced out from the world renowned Machinery and Technology suppliers with constant upgradation and expansions. The total production Line is the state of Art Technology giving Customer the edge of high quality product with incorporation of the wide range of products. ELCO WIRES AND CABLES products are manufactured to international standards, tested and certified by prestigious institutions such as: BUET, BSTI, DUET & CPRI (India). Elco Cables sources its raw materials from reputed suppliers from all over the world. Testing facilities are equipped with up-to-date most modern and advanced laboratories. The laboratories are equipped with facilities for complete testing of its products both for incoming raw materials as well as finished goods as per International Standards. ELCO WIRES AND CABLES operates with a clearly defined and documented Quality System set in accordance with the guidelines of ISO9001:2015 for all its activities right from the selection of raw material suppliers, schedule planning, production, testing and to the delivery of cables, with a policy aiming for total customer satisfaction.


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The company has been incorporated under the companies Act 1994 on May 07, 2013 at Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and Firms, Dhaka.